Welding Services

Welding Services

Custom Metal Welding Services

Weiss-Aug offers a variety of custom welding services separately from our laser capabilities. From MIG and TIG welding to resistance, ultrasonic and percussion welding, we can hand, semi-automatically, or robotically weld.

Fully robotic Welding

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is the joining of metals by applying pressure and passing current for a length of time through the metal area which is to be joined. The key advantage of resistance welding is that no other materials are needed to create the bond, which makes this process extremely cost-effective.

Typically, we will utilize resistance spot welding to weld parts to parts, where parts are fixtured and the weld is performed semi-automatically.

Percussion Welding

Percussion welding (PEW) is a type of resistance welding that blends dissimilar metals together. Percussion welding creates a high-temperature arc that is formed from a short, quick electrical discharge. Immediately following the electrical discharge, pressure is applied, which forges the materials together. This type of joining brings the materials together in a percussive manner. Percussion welding requires less space than other welding methods and can be used in difficult angles where other types of welding are not applicable.

percussion welding services, surgical products

Fully Robotic Welding

Robotic MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), is a common high deposition rate process that involves feeding a wire continuously toward the heated weld tip. MIG welding robots are capable of all-position, adding flexibility to the welding system.  (taken from internet)

Applications suitable for this type of welding are often high volume automotive, light & heavy truck, or small engine products where seams must be fully intact. In other areas, we use this technology to assemble rods to mechanical components as well.

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Our Metal Welding Benefits

Weld Integrity

The Weiss-Aug group ensures weld integrity through semi-automated leak testing, which fully tests 100% of production products to give reel-time feedback to the welding centers.

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“Today through use of innovative lean manufacturing techniques, expansive engineered processes and a strict adherence to the highest quality and safety standards, our stamping plant has successfully produced recent multi-year PPM ratings of less than one. Our stamping philosophies have also earned us high supplier ratings with both automotive and medical customers and continuous positive auditing scores from yearly ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015 audits and IATF 16949:2016.”

— Dieter Weissenrieder, CEO and Founder