We incorporate secondary operations into primary processes to enhance quality while saving you time and moneyWe resolve complex manufacturing issues by incorporating secondary processes using the most advanced technology and processes. This drives our value proposition to produce superior quality products with shorter lead times and lower costs.  It also enables us to create entirely new solutions within precision metal stamping, injection molding, and tooling not possible before.  Our range of integrated capabilities include stitching of terminals, molding multiple inserts simultaneously, laser welding to wire attachment, as well as in-die laser welding, in-die assembly and 100% real-time in-die inspection.



Machining ultra-high accuracy

0.0010 in

Welding spot size from


We combine high precision machining, turning, and milling with innovative manufacturing and fixturing techniques to deliver cost-effective, tight tolerance components. Our division, The Diemasters, offers more comprehensive machining capabilities.


The coatings process will harden up the surface of the base metal and reduce the coefficient of friction. This technique will show sharper cuts, no burrs and smoother finishes.  Plating is the process of adding another layer of metal onto an existing part for better performance.


Our grinding standard finish range from .08 Ra to 2 Ra.  Our division, The Diemasters, offers more comprehensive machining capabilities.


We offer fast effective aqueous free degreasing in our Ecoclean System utilizing oil distillate, with heat and vacuum to remove manufacturing lubricants and surface contaminants from the part surface.

  • Tumbling/FinishingBarrel
  • High-energy
  • Vibratory


The Weiss-Aug Group offers several types of heat treatment as value-added processes to improve the quality, design and functionality of various metals required for specific high precision parts.  These treatments get integrated into the process as needed.

  • Annealing/HardeningDiscreet Parts
  • Reel-to-Reel parts



The Weiss-Aug Group has a wide range of welding capabilities including the most advanced in-die laser welding. Our welding spot size range from 0.001” to .04”.

The Weiss-Aug was one of the first companies to offer In-die laser welding in the United States. This process is advantageous for various reasons: consistency in joints with minimal possible distortion due to heating, small heat affected zone (HAZ), deep penetration of precise, narrow welds, minimum part distortion, and low heat input. This system also incorporates 100% in line vision inspection of all welds.

Laser Welding
Laser Welding


  1. Weiss-Aug is one of the first companies in the U.S. to offer in-die laser welding for medical device components.
  2. Eliminates secondary operations outside the press.
  3. ReduceS costs
  4. Increases quality by 100% real-time process and part monitoring


Our CNC Technology Center in our East Hanover Plant, expands on our tool making capability.  This center takes advantage of vertically integrated technologies to expand our tool making capabilities, to make spare parts and keep production running.

The equipment in our CNC Technology Center was designed to minimize setups and reduce tolerance stacking that may occur.

Jeff Cole

“Having all secondary operation processes in-house provides us with better control and management over cost, delivery, and quality. Being your single source for contract manufacturing allows us to be in control of the entire production process while enhancing the application’s viable output.”

– Jeff Cole, VP of Operations, Weiss-Aug


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