Prototyping services are offered by Weiss-Aug's new program development team for medical device components, automotive sub-assemblies and aerospace components and assemblies.  Our skilled tool design engineers, tool and die makers, and program managers work in conjunction to bring a project from napkin sketch to production.


Component design assistance

Full service prototyping

Prototype component fabrication

Design for manufacturing

Manufacturing process conversion

Pre-production builds

Quality control



Our process is built on the concept of design for manufacturing.  This means that we are focused on items such as material and process efficiency, reduced costs and reliable repeatability. Once a prototype is developed and tested for form, fit and function, the next step of prototyping services is the prototype tool design and fabrication.

Prototype stamping tools are smaller simple versions of progressive production dies. They typically are single station and the part is formed in several stages in several tools. After a part’s shape and dimensions meet requirements, the learnings from the prototype stage can be applied to the production tooling stage. This process allows accelerated time to market and ultimately improved product performance, which is critical to both Medical Device OEM’s and Automotive Tier 1s.

Successful prototyping comes from a collaborative and customer focused approach, where we provide constant feedback, and data on programs as they go through development stages. This leads to improved correlation between the components and final customer assemblies and products.

Weiss-Aug provides design support and development for your program utilizing the best method of fabrication and assembly that fits your needs. Stampings and molded products can be assembled with other components via manual, semi-automated or fully automated systems. We are equipped with 3 facilities, with a total footprint of 170,000 feet, that each have different services to offer. Our Apodaca, Mexico plant provides globally competitive manual assembly services, while our New Jersey locations offer a combination of semi-automated and fully automated systems.

Prototype fabrication has a focus on design for manufacturability and manufacturing process conversion. Offering full design assistance, our medical device and automotive OEMs also benefit from a prototyping service that features improvements to process efficiency, reduced costs, decreased process steps, accelerated time to market and ultimately improved product performance. Our high quality medical device and automotive prototypes are known throughout industry for their superior product form and function.

The Weiss-Aug prototyping team includes engineers and skilled tool makers who work closely with each client to develop a concept into a product that is ready for manufacturing. This award winning team has full understanding of the types of components required in automotive prototyping and medical device prototyping that are required in today’s highly technical equipment.

“R&D, product development, prototyping are all terms that describe steps for the overall process in developing a product for manufacturing. We believe this process should be all encompassing. Our award winning New Program Development Team, which consists of highly creative and experienced tool makers & engineers, is focused on working with you in developing your concept into a product that is ready for manufacturing.”

-Steve Czapla - Manager NPD Stamping