Precision Metal Stamping


Precision Metal Stamping

We produce precision metal stamping from materials as thin as .003” and are capable of offering finished stamped metal parts to you with tolerances as tight as ± .0005”. Weiss-Aug designs and fabricates all of our own carbide progressive precision dies in-house or assembled at our independent tooling division, JK Tool Inc. Our metal stamping designs and concepts have offered many of our customers a more competitive alternative to traditional technologies such as machining, die casting or MIM.

Weiss PMS

New developments in our smart tooling combined with advanced press controls provide the capability to produce precision stampings with compound forms and or shapes. This allows us to produce parts for you that could not be produced in a progressive die previously. For stampings that require additional strength or force, we employ in-die laser welding (to reinforce critical areas in your part) in our custom built high-speed Bruderer laser welding stamping presses. Incorporating in-die measurement, which automatically measures your critical dimensions, allow us to adjust in real time to compensate for numerous variables, such as material variability.

Metal Stamping Services

  • Processing materials from .003" to .075".
  • Maximum material width of 13"
  • Feed up to 6" long
  • Over 25 High Speed Bruderer presses ranging from 20 to 90 tons
  • Speeds of up to 1600 strokes per minute
  • In-line 100% vision systems for the monitoring of critical features
  • In-line degreasing for Reel-to-Reel applications
  • Automated take-up (Reel-to-Reel operations)

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Materials and Ancillary Services

“Today through use of innovative lean manufacturing techniques, expansive engineered processes and a strict adherence to the highest quality and safety standards, our stamping plant has successfully produced recent multi-year PPM ratings of less than one. Our stamping philosophies have also earned us high supplier ratings with both automotive and medical customers and continuous positive auditing scores from yearly ISO 9001:2008, TS 16949-2009, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 14001:2004 audits.”

— Dieter Weissenrieder, CEO and Founder