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The Weiss-Aug Group, started out with the founding of Weiss-Aug Co Inc. in 1972 by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin as a precision contract metal stamping company with 4 individuals in New Jersey. The company grew to over 150 team members and added molding and assembly capabilities by the late 90s. Entering the new millennium, Dieter Weissenrieder’ s vision for growth led to the acquisition of a tooling company, stamping company, and the addition of a medical device-focused division. Following the successes of those integrations, Weiss-Aug Mexico was launched in 2017, and most recently Lupine Research, an R&D firm in Boulder, CO was created to provide customers early product development support and next-generation technology.

Now in the process of expansion with 2 factories, adding another 100,000 SF and more capabilities, The Weiss-Aug Group is positioned to support customers with the smartest R&D, engineering, and manufacturing solutions. 

Original Weiss-Aug 1970's copy

1972 | Precision metal stamping

Company founded as a precision metal die maker and high-speed stamping supplier

1980 | Insert molding

Acquisition of molding capabilities launches Weiss-Aug into the insert molding market

1988 | Assembly

Manufacturing capabilities compliment stamping and insert molding with assembly processes

1993 | Tooling

Weiss-Aug expands tooling design and builds capabilities in step with increasing customer demand

2010 | Automation

Establishment of in-house automation design and build department to support operations

2012 | In-Die-Laser welding

First production tool featuring in-die laser welding introduced

2015 | Medium Gauge Stampings

Acquisition of Diemasters Manufacturing Inc. further expands Weiss-Aug's stamping capabilities into the medium tonnage range and market applications including mechanical sub-assemblies

2016 | Progressive Dies Tooling

Acquisition of JK Tool further expands Weiss-Aug's tool design and build capacities and adds expertise in the design of lead frame dies

2017 | Became international

Establishment of a low-cost manufacturing site in Monterrey, Mexico

2017 | CNC technologies

Established state-of-the-art high precision CNC machining department

2018 | Laser Lab Technology Center

Expansion of NPD capabilities with the introduction of the Laser Lab Technology Center

2020 | Lupine Research

Creation of new R&D/Automation Division


We know that there are many contract manufacturing companies with large footprints and a variety of capabilities for customers like you to choose from. What makes The Weiss-Aug Group smarter is we excel by working together and leveraging our talent, facilities, and expertise to deliver the best solution seamlessly to you.

n_JK ToollogoR&W300

JK Tool & Die, Inc. was founded in 1980 to design and manufacture precision, high-speed carbide progressive stamping tools & dies. In October 2013, Weiss-Aug Co., Inc purchased JK Tool & Die, the company’s name was changed to JK Tool, Inc. as an independent Weiss-Aug Affiliate.

Specializing in the development new materials and manufacturing techniques for the medical device community. In conjunction with the Weiss-Aug Group to grow their manufacturing expertise and reach bringing fabrication and automation solutions to market in a turnkey fashion.

Quality Begins With ME

Dieter Weissenrieder, the founder of The Weiss-Aug Group launched the philosophy of “Quality Begins with Me” early in the company’s history. This philosophy touches every aspect of our culture and organization and is demonstrated in our success in supplying a multitude of customers with a Zero PPM rating.

Each team member is introduced to the Quality Begins with Me concept on their first day. We focus on the importance of being part of the supply chain for critical industries that affect lives. They know that they can make a difference for a family driving safely, a patient having a good outcome or even robots completing their mission on Mars.

The 3 Tenants of Quality Begins With Me

  • Quality starts before the first part is ever produced
  • Quality is not the responsibility of the Quality Department
  • See something, Say Something
Dieter Weissenrieder president and co-founder
Original Weiss-Aug 1970's copy


Just as each team member understands that Quality Begins with Me, we also believe that Community Begins with me. Our code of conduct, which guides our daily interactions and long-term vision, is central to our success. Although we have grown in recent years, we acknowledge our success is possible only because we have the best people and work to build a culture where people feel appreciated and valued.

“Anyone with money can buy the best equipment, but its people that make a company successful. Building a culture where people want to be, and want to contribute, and are exciting to be involved has always been critical to our success. I can proudly share that there is a multitude of team members that have spent their careers with me, several 35+ years, and I look forward to seeing the next generation of our team has the same great success”

Dieter Weissenrieder.


Deiter Weissenreider small

Deiter Weissenrieder

President and CEO

Beth Weissenrieder-Bennis

Peter Ciccaglione sm

Peter Ciccaglione

Brad Bennis copy

Brad Bennis

VP Sales


As the internationally recognized leader in precision metal stamping, injection molding, value-added assembly solutions, and tooling, serving the medical device industry, automotive industry, and industrial sector for over 48 years. We provide design, prototype, advanced engineering support, and manufacturing services, ensuring a seamless transition from prototype to production.