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The Weiss-Aug Group’s vertically integrated divisions including Lupine Research, JK Tool and Diemasters offer in-depth manufacturing support services from raw material, tooling and tool transfers to inspection systems for manufacturing lines.

Automated Inspection Systems

The Weiss-Aug Group’s two specialty divisions, Lupine Research and JK Tool Inc offer in-depth manufacturing support services from raw material and tooling to inspection systems for manufacturing lines.

Automated Inspection

Profiled Metal Strip Stock

Profiled Metal Strip Stock

Metal stamping companies know that only so much material can be coined during the progressive die stamping process before work hardening makes further reductions impossible. In some cases, where major differences in thickness are required on different points in a part’s geometry, profiled coil stock can be the best alternative for success. JK Tool Inc has pioneered a unique method to profile stainless steel, copper, and other types of coil stock to varying dimensions with repeatable accuracy.

Tool Fabrication and Spare Components

As a cornerstone to our business, the Weiss-Aug Group has built a reputation for tooling excellence. Our JK Tool division offers this as a custom product/service offering to a variety of different stamping companies that serve many industries.

In addition to Weiss-Aug providing full metal stamping dies, many customers prefer JK Tool Inc to handle all of their spare and component needs. This value-added service allows customers to focus on producing their product, ensuring that they always have the tool spares they need.

Tooling components

Tool Transfers

Diemasters Die

Do you have a tool that you need to transfer? Diemasters can get you back into production right away. We’ve successfully transferred single-die programs in a couple days and even an entire company’s program in two weeks – we’ll do everything we can to make the transition as painless as possible.

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