Machined Parts Process Conversion

Many times, complex metal parts are machined with tight tolerances, different heights, angles, and patterns, leading to the conclusion that machining is the only option. This is costly and often slow. At the Weiss-Aug Group we see these situations frequently and, in many cases, can offer stampings as an alternative with little to no design change.

In-die laser welded component
In-die laser welding stamping machine

In-Die Process

The Weiss-Aug Group specializes in optimizing the stamping process to include a variety of processes in line or in many cases in the die.

  • In-die Laser Welding
  • In-die measurement and innovative tooling for on-the-fly adjustments
  • In-die assembly

Industries We Serve

From the beginning, Weiss-Aug has believed that delivering quality stamped metal parts on time and within budget will help clients meet project goals, innovate more sustainably, and achieve lasting performance gains. We’re proud to be the trusted precision metal stamping provider for many organizations in the world’s most demanding industries.

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"We are a high-technology company, focused on engineer­ing and advanced product develop­ment. A lot of our parts started out as machined components, so we're often stamping to machined tolerances."

— Elisabeth Weissenrieder-Bennis, Executive VP