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Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Services

The medical industry has moved towards higher precision and reduced scale of mini and micro-sized products that are expected to last longer and perform at a higher level of reliability than in years past. Consequently, designs have become more complex and may involve advanced materials and challening geometries that are impractical to manufacture using traditional methods.

Turn these obstacles into competitive advantages that grow your business with support from Weiss-Aug. At Weiss-Aug Group, we leverage hybrid additive manufacturing to produce finished components, sub-assemblies, and tooling, bringing your ideas through conceptualization and into volume manufacturing. Our team of subject matter experts welcomes complicated programs, and those with accelerated time to market requirements. Prototype parts for validation and human factors testing can be delivered rapidly – giving your team what’s needed to make evidence-based decisions.

hybrid additive manufacturing

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Solutions Explained

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing (Hybrid-AM) is an emerging process that combines additive manufacturing techniques –3D printing, directed energy deposition, or powder-bed fusion, for example – with traditional subtractive machining methods like milling, grinding, rolling, drilling, and turning. The magic comes from the machine tool, which has a custom head capable of pulling double duty. It can remove material from or add it to a workpiece without needing to be moved to a new station.

Benefits Of Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Services

Put simply, Hybrid Additive Manufacturing offers the best attributes of subtractive and additive manufacturing while minimizing movement between the processes needed to manufacture a finished part or assembly. This provides advantages in reduced setups between operations, improving dimensional stability of product and gains in efficiency leading to reduced fabrication times, all translating into greater market competitiveness for our strategic partners.

Other advantages of hybrid additive services include:

Combining additive and subtractive manufacturing processes makes creating and fine-tuning complex designs viable, with multiple configuration available during a single build.

Getting actual prototypes that are made to a production level of quality, verified through advanced metrology and functional testing – in hand whenever and wherever needed, gives you an edge to make critical design decisions. These prototypes can be used for validation and testing, proof of process sampling, and design manufacturability verification. Weiss-Aug Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Team gets you to the finish line FASTER!

Common Metals Used In Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

When a product is needed to save lives or explore new frontiers, the material from which it’s manufactured must perform in the intended operating environment. Partnering with Weiss-Aug gives you access to leading metallurgical and materials science experts as well as highly trained technicians.

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Stainless Steel Component

The Weiss-Aug Advantage

If you want high-quality production parts or prototypes processed to exact requirements and delivered quickly, there’s no better partner than Weiss-Aug. As an ISO 9001:2015-, 13485:2016-, 14001:2015-certified and ITAF 16949:2016-registered manufacturer, we merge advanced technical expertise with a quality-first approach to turn around quality products on time and under budget.

Our specialty is producing components and prototypes for challenging applications using hybrid additive manufacturing techniques, but we’re capable of much more. Partnering with us gives you access to a full suite of resources for developing the best possible part or assembly.

One-Stop Manufacturing Solutions-Provider

In manufacturing, time is money. Any delays may ramp up costs and put you at a competitive disadvantage.

Our build-to-print services are perfect for organizations with a thoroughly vetted design. With print, specification, or purchase order requirements in hand, we’ll take it from there. Our services include:

Don’t worry if you have a great idea but no finalized design. We offer build-to-spec services aimed at turning concepts into finished products. Once we understand your requirements, a prototype is created for testing and proving out. The prototype is refined until you’re satisfied. Upon validation, full-scale production kicks off.

If you’re unsure what’s best, please contact us. Our team is happy to meet and better understand your product or concept. They’re glad to advise you on the best path forward.

Success Is In The Details

Sometimes, supply chain partners overpromise but underdeliver. That’s why partnering with a knowledgeable, trustworthy organization like Weiss-Aug is incredibly important. Weiss-Aug is constantly on the cutting-edge of new technologies and is an established and mature partner committed to innovation and product realization.

Vertically Integrated

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing requires a high level of coordination and synchronization between the additive and subtractive processes, which can pose technical and operational difficulties.  Weiss-Aug, a leader in vertically integrated processes, has been able to readily overcome these challenges by carefully optimizing process parameters – such as feed rate, laser power, and tool path – to achieve optimal part quality.

The process also involves balancing complex physical phenomena like thermal, mechanical, and metallurgical interactions, which have been shown to alter process behavior and outcome. The Weiss-Aug team leverages advanced modeling and simulation tools to accurately predict and control the process from start to finish, ensuring component or assembly performance and properties meet expectations.

Industries Served

It’s not just the equipment, but the team at Weiss-Aug group who makes the difference! This unwavering dedication to quality has helped us become a trusted manufacturing partner for clients across various business sectors. Common industries we support include:

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