Human Rights Policy


Weiss-Aug Group's Human Rights Policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries and may also extend to our suppliers and partners.


Weiss-Aug Group is committed to providing a work environment where human rights are protected and everyone is treated with dignity and respect and free from harassment and discrimination.  Weiss-Aug is dedicated to executing proper due diligence in identifying, preventing, and mitigating adverse human rights impacts resulting from or caused by our business activities.

Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

Weiss-Aug Group prohibits the use of all forms of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, military labor, slave labor, and any form of human trafficking.

Safe and Healthy Workplace

The Company provides a safe and healthy workplace and complies with applicable safety and health laws, regulations, and internal requirements. We are dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace by minimizing the risk of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks.

We are committed to engaging with our team members to continually improve health and safety in our workplaces, including the identification of hazards and remediation of health and safety issues.

Workplace Security

The Company is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from violence, harassment, intimidation, and other unsafe or disruptive conditions due to internal and external threats.

Security safeguards for team members are provided as needed and will be maintained with respect for an individual’s privacy and dignity.

Child Labor

Weiss-Aug Group prohibits the hiring of individuals that are under the age of 18 for any positions that may be considered hazardous.  Minors are not permitted to work in manufacturing areas.  In those instances when individuals are hired under the age of 18, the company adheres to all federal and state regulations regarding permissible occupations, hours of work, break and meal periods, as well as any other condition of employment that is protected under child labor laws.

Work Hours, Wages and Benefits

The Company compensates team members competitively relative to the industry and local labor market. We operate in full compliance with applicable wages, work hours, overtime, and benefits laws.

Ethical Hiring Practices

Weiss-Aug Group does not discriminate nor engage in unethical hiring practices but adheres to all applicable federal and local laws and regulations.  In addition to what has been previously stated in this policy, the company prohibits the following behaviors:

  • Discriminating or harassing behavior, including intimidation or physical threats
  • Engaging in human trafficking
  • Procuring commercial sex acts
  • Using forced labor
  • Using child labor
  • Charging recruitment fees to candidates
  • Using misleading or fraudulent practices during recruitment of candidates
  • Failing to share key terms and conditions of employment with the candidate
  • Keeping, destroying, concealing, confiscating, or otherwise denying an individual’s access to his or her identity or immigration documents

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Any violations of this policy are to be reported to Human Resources immediately.  A complete investigation will be completed by Human Resources and designated management.  If the investigation confirms that a violation occurred, swift and decisive corrective measures will be taken.

Guidance and Reporting for Team Members

Weiss-Aug Group encourages open and honest communication among all team members.  The Company is committed to following all applicable labor and employment laws in all locations.  If you believe or become aware that a conflict exists between the policy and applicable laws and regulations, or if you have any questions about the policy, or if you would like to report a violation of the policy, you should raise those questions or concerns to your supervisor or human resources.

Insofar as possible, confidentiality will be maintained. However, identity may have to be disclosed to conduct a thorough investigation.  The Company is committed to investigating, addressing, and responding to team members' concerns and taking appropriate corrective action in response to any violation.

The Company enforces a “no tolerance” position for retaliation by any party against a team member who raises a genuine concern in good faith.  This includes, but is not limited to, protection from retaliation in the form of adverse employment actions or physical threats.

Any team member who believes he or she is being retaliated against must contact the Director of Human Resources or a member of management immediately.

Team members with any questions regarding this policy should contact the Director of Human Resources or a member of management.

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