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Why is The Weiss-Aug Group the Smarter Choice?

The Weiss Aug Group is an internationally recognized leader in precision metal stamping, injection molding, value-added assembly solutions, and tooling, serving the medical device industry, automotive industry, and industrial sector for over 48 years. We provide design, prototype, advanced engineering support, and manufacturing services, ensuring a seamless transition from prototype to production.


Tightly toleranced high precision metal, plastic and assembled components for the aerospace, automotive, interconnect, and medical/life science markets.

Development and manufacture of surgical and pharma device assemblies with core competencies in insert molding, laser welding, and clean room assemblies.

Manufacturer of complex heavy gaugue, close tolerance metal fabricated components, stamping, as well as fully assembled finished products.

Manufacturer of stampings and injection-molded components with value-added assembly services.


R&D group specializing in the design and development and integration of automated manufacturing process with expertise in material science and AI technology.

Lupine Horizontal 400

Precision machined and discrete component manufacturing as well as progressive die and spare tooling.

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