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The Weiss-Aug Group started out with the founding of Weiss-Aug Co Inc. in 1972 by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin as a precision contract metal stamping company with four individuals in New Jersey. The company grew to over 150 team members and added molding and assembly capabilities by the late 90s. Entering the new millennium, Dieter Weissenrieder’ s vision for growth led to the acquisition of a tooling company, stamping company, and the addition of a medical device-focused division. Following the successes of those integrations, Weiss-Aug Mexico was launched in 2017, and most recently Lupine Research, an R&D firm in Boulder, CO was created to provide customers with early product development support and next-generation technology.

Now in the process of expansion with 2 factories, adding another 100,000 sq. ft. and more capabilities, the Weiss-Aug Group is positioned to support customers with the smartest R&D, engineering, and manufacturing solutions. 

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1970 – Weiss-Aug begins as a part-time supplier of miniature stampings

1972 – Weiss-Aug Co. Inc. is founded by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin in Parsippany, NJ

1972 – Weiss-Aug launches the Mosquitos, that are still in production today, after 9 generations. At its peak, the company produced approximately 70 million mosquitos per week.

1972-74 – The company occupies half of the building on Merry Lane

1978 – The company moves to the new building, also on merry Lane, in East Hanover, NJ

East Hanover facility, building construction
Asembly equipment being installed 1980s


1980 – Weiss-Aug expands into the medical industry with the introduction of stampings for syringes

1980 – Weiss-Aug expands to include insert molding

1983 – The Apprenticeship Program begins (some of the first graduates are till with the company today)

1984 – The Assembly Division of Weiss-Aug is relocated to Parsippany, NJ

1988 – The Assembly/Molding Division is established in Boonton, NJ


1992 – Weiss-Aug is awarded the Higgins Design Award by the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) for its power conductors and snap domes. These components are part of a switching device that carries and controls electrical energy.

1993 – The corporate headquarters in East Hanover, NJ expand an additional 55,000 sq. ft. to include an additional 30 new injection molding machines and a new corporate office

1993 – Weiss-Aug introduces a new tooling department and installs its first 4 Bruderer presses (60 tons)

1998 – Weiss-Aug is awarded the Higgins Design Award by the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) for its redesign of a complex stamping process to produce a radio frequency (RF) connector

1999 – Weiss-Aug is ISO 9002 certified

Stamping room in the 1990s in East Hanover, NJ
IMG_7379 (2)


2003 – 5S Continuous Improvement Program is implemented (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Schedule, Score)

2004 – Weiss-Aug is IATF 16949 certified

2005 – Weiss-Aug’s tool makers establish a New Product Development Department (first projects began in early 2001)

2006 – Weiss-Aug’s Stampings and Moldings are “Out of this World” with the development and production of a compact connector wafer used in the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) which measure the solar atmosphere

2008 – Weiss-Aug is certified ISO 9001: 2008 and IATF 16949

2008 – Weiss-Aug produces a stamped connector component for the Curiosity Mars Rover


2010 – Weiss-Aug is ISO 12485 certified

2010 – Establishment of in-house automation design and build department to support operations

2012 – First production tool featuring in-die laser welding is introduced

2013 – Weiss-Aug is awarded the Supplier Quality Award and Supplier Innovation Award by Covidien

2013 – Acquisition of JK Tool further expands Weiss-Aug's tool design and build capacities and adds expertise in the design of lead frame dies

2015 – The acquisition of Diemasters Manufacturing Inc. further expands Weiss-Aug’s stamping capabilities into the medium tonnage range and market applications, including mechanical sub-assemblies

2015 – The Weiss-Aug Group is formally established to manage the relationship between Weiss-Aug affiliated organizations

2016 – The Weiss-Aug Surgical Division is formed and relocated to the new facility in Fairfield, NJ

2017 – Weiss-Aug is awarded the Supplier Excellence Award by Medtronic

2017 – Weiss-Aug becomes international with the establishment of a low-cost manufacturing site in Monterrey, Mexico

2017 – Weiss-Aug establishes a state-of-the-art high precision CNC machining department

2018 - Expansion of NPD capabilities with the introduction of the Laser Lab Technology Center

JK TOol Building-1
tool and die


2020 – Creation of the new R&D/Automation division Lupine Research

2022 – The Weiss-Aug Group is recognized by the NJIT Newark College of Engineering (NCE), CEO & Founder Dieter Weissenrieder accepts the 2022 NCE Outstanding Industry Partnership Award

2022 - The Weiss-Aug Group turns 50!