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We work with the top medical device manufacturers in the industry focusing on the core activities of developing and manufacturing surgical instruments and surgical instrument assemblies.

Life Sciences


Weiss-Aug Life Sciences Division is less than 10 miles from Weiss-Aug Headquarters in East Hanover, which allows continued collaboration of our teams.

The development and separation of special capabilities for the manufacture of surgical instruments and medical devices has led to the offering of new capabilities for surgical product research and development, coatings and extended molding capabilities.


  • Research & Development

  • Prototyping

    • Precision metal forming and machining
    • State-of-the-art are laser technology
    • Additive manufacturing and quick-turn plastic molding
    • Modular tooling for rapid prototyping
  • Laser Lab Technology Center

    • Laser cutting
    • Laser etching
    • Laser marking
    • Laser welding

  • Precision Metal Stamping

    • Servo technology
  • Thermoplastic Molding

    • Insert molding
    • Injection molding
    • Micro molding
  • Custom Assembly

    • Semi & Fully Automated Assembly
    • Collaborative Robotics
    • AI Learning Systems

  • Secondary Operations

    • Welding

      • Resistance
      • Laser
      • Ultra-sonic
      • Percussion
    • Finishing

      • Heat-treat
      • Tumbling
      • Degrease
      • Crimping
      • Passivation
      • Secondary machining and post-process
    • Coating and plating

      • Specialty coating processes
      • Plating


- Disposable Devices
- Drug Delivery Devices
- Medical/Surgical Devices
- Pharmaceutical Devices

Terminal Sub-Assemblies

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Our life sciences product development team assists customers with component development by leveraging our manufacturing expertise to create cost effective designs and manufacturing solutions for medical device OEMs. Our prototype capabilities range from single parts for test samples to thousands of pre-production parts.  

With the recent launch of our new division, Lupine Research, we are now able to bring material engineering expertise such as Sputtering, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) and Electroplating Technologies as well as advanced automation techniques such as AI for machine vision.  The vertical integration and collaboration with all the divisions within Weiss-Aug, from research ideas through to a production solution, will benefit our customers by reducing labor costs and improving product quality.

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Our program management team engages with you from day one and ensures continuity through your program's full life cycle... single point of contact... period.

  • Single Point Contact from Initial Engagement
  • "Cradle to Grave" Responsibility for your Program
  • Internal Liaison and Advocate for the Customer
  • Engineer Versed in Full Life Cycle of Product Dev & Manufacture

Quality is important in everything we do, that’s why it’s critical that we meet the medical certification guidelines to ensure we are

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  1. Enhances new product development
  2. Quicker turnaround times in prototyping
  3. Shorter setup costs
  4. Process a wide range of raw materials and tempers
  5. Deep engraving, 2D and 3D engraving
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  • Applications
    • Laser Marking
    • 2D & 3D Laser Engraving
    • Laser Etching
    • Laser Drilling
    • 4th Axis
  • Modulated Fiber Laser System
  • Applications
    • Laser Cutting
    • Materials up to .125" Thick
    • Positioning accuracy of ± 10μm (±.0004")
    • 3 & 4th Axis


  • Applications
    • Laser Marking
    • 2D & 3D Laser Engraving
    • Laser Etching
    • Laser Drilling
    • 4th Axis
    • Laser Cutting
      • Materials up to .020" thick
    • Positioning accuracy of ± 10μm (±.0004")
    • 3 & 4th Axis


The combination of the Laser Lab Technology Center with The Weiss-Aug Group’s 3D printing technology, allows for rapid development of prototype parts.  Customers benefit from this by being able to quickly test and modify components to dial in their designs earlier on in the development process.


Weiss-Aug Life Sciences continues to be on the forefront of medical device manufacturing technology to ensure we meet the needs of our medical device OEMs looking for methods to improve their time to market while remaining cost effective. 


Company Name: Weiss-Aug Life Sciences Division
Year Founded: 2015
Address: 6 Daniel Road East, Fairfield, NJ, 07004
Phone Number: +1 973-887-7600
General Email: business@weiss-aug.com

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Michael Cullen

“At the end of the day, customers need to quickly iterate designs to feedback into final products and be assured that those part designs are manufacturable. With Weiss-Aug’s 45+ years of experience and expertise in tooling, metal stamping and molding now combined with the latest prototype technologies, we can provide our customers with superior prototypes and superior manufacturing solutions”

– Michael Cullen - VP of Engineering at Weiss-Aug Life Sciences


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