IATF 16949:2016 Certified

Since 1948, Diemasters have been committed to the quality craftsmanship of high precision products. Through The Diemasters Productivity System TM (TDPS), they are able to Manufacture Smarter™, which enables them to manufacture products more efficiently and at the highest levels of quality.


The Diemasters Manufacturing Inc., located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, has been committed to the quality craftsmanship of high-precision products since 1948. Specializing in metal stamping, fabrication, assembly, and product design support, the company’s customer base spans across the globe and includes some of the most recognized brands serving a broad variety of markets.


Diemasters was founded as a high precision tool builder on Chicago’s West Side in 1948. From these roots more than 70 years ago, our business has been committed to quality craftsmanship while we have evolved to new capabilities, market reach, and customer expectations. Today, our customer base spans across more than 50 countries worldwide. Each day, 120 certified employees at our 80,000 sq. ft. production facility turn out more than 250,000 stamped parts, assemblies and fabrications. And even though we’ve grown exponentially, Diemasters remains committed to providing a personal touch, along with our high-quality precision products.

Diemasters was fully acquired by The Weiss-Aug Group in 2020, allowing us to collaborate on technology, product development, and customer outreach.


"What is unique and different about our system?"

The Answer: It's what we focus on and the tools we use.

Focus: "Doing what should be done"

The Diemasters Productivity System (TDPS) is about new global manufacturing principles. It's about people trying to understand what makes their process tick so that they can make it better. As we think logically and consistently about our problems and challenges, we are able to use the tools in our system to determine "cause and effect" relationships between actions and their results. We are able to focus on customer satisfaction; we are able to provide security and satisfaction to our employees. The Diemasters Productivity System is why we are able to make money, now and in the future. 


From assembly, fabrication, and stamping to design for manufacturability support, Diemasters is there for you every step of the way. Customers find solutions to problems from automation to smarter manufacturing, keeping costs down and deliveries on time.



  • 80,000 square foot (7,500 m2) plant
  • Full tool room and engineering staff
  • Helm and Wintriss Controls, die sensing
  • Minster 10 - 200 tons
  • High speed Bruderers & Rasters


  • Extensive tooling library
  • Twelve press brakes up to 250 tons
  • Rapid prototyping available
  • Full design and programming staff
  • Direct fulfillment and kitting available


  • AutoCad, Solidworks, Diemaker, Fabriwin softwares
  • DOE, DFM and dFMEA support
  • Prototyping and testing capabilities
  • Product and Tooling Lifecycle Management


  • Domestic and international components sourcing
  • Secondary process (plating, painting, heat treating) sourcing
  • Assembly systems, secondary process tooling, machinery design and build in-house


With more than 50 presses, some running at up to 1000 strokes per minute, we can produce whatever volume you need. We produce high precision contacts, specialty items and other close tolerance parts for a wide variety of industries.

Our Tooling Lifecycle Management program uses computerized tracking to keep tools as sharp on the millionth stroke as they were on the first. This helps lower your total landed cost and reduces quality issues. Furthermore, it satisfies our TS requirements and the Theory of Constraints because tooling rarely becomes the bottleneck in our plant.

Many of our stamping jobs are a step in a larger assembly project. We utilize automation whenever it proves to be cost-effective for customers (which is quite often, since we can build automation in-house at lower cost). By stamping and assembling parts in the same Chicago plant with automated assembly, you get lower costs – especially when you consider our high throughput velocity and commitment to absolute quality.

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We have extensive experience with sheet metal fabrication for stand-alone jobs or as part of sub-assembly. Parts include power supply boxes, custom ceiling panels, related hardware and miscellaneous items, which are co-engineered for the manufacturing needs of our customers.

Using ferrous and nonferrous materials up to .125" (3.2 mm) thick, fabrication begins with AMADA CNC turret presses using an extensive inventory of standard and semi-standard tools. Parts are then formed in conventional and NC press brake equipment.

Other processes such as MIG, TIG, seam welding, spot welding, time saving, deburring, and buffing/polishing support the process.

Custom tools and parts are engineered through a highly integrated CAD/CAM DNC software system capable of interfacing with customer CAD systems.


Unlike our competition, The Diemasters provides design support from the very beginning. Our full-time engineers on staff work with your engineers to design a cost-effective part that perfectly meets your needs. Most companies will offer reactions through Design for Manufacturability – we help you with design from square one.

This service not only results in a product of utmost quality, but reduces the design timeline by removing the back and forth that usually extends the process. You get a better product, faster – one more example of smarter manufacturing at work.

Program Management


You can significantly lower your total landed cost by having The Diemasters not only stamp and fabricate your parts, but produce the finished piece in-house through our automated assembly capabilities.

There is no limit to our assembly capabilities. A broad spectrum of equipment allows us to do PEM insertion, orbital and radial riveting, ring staking and tapping in semi-automated to highly automated applications.

If The Diemasters manufactures your parts, it only makes sense–both from a cost and quality standpoint–to have us handle your complete assembly.




The Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award for Workforce Development from The Manufacturing Leadership Council. The awards “honor companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing.”


The Metal-forming Pioneer Award from the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) for their proprietary productivity system.

case studies-short

Challenge: We were tasked with creating a system to manufacture a transmission component, handling everything from stamping through assembly.

Solution: We designed and built the equipment in-house using proprietary automation

Outcome: We were able to lower customer costs while introducing several measures to ensure the highest level of precision and quality.