Fast Prototyping for Medical Devices with Laser Processing

laser lab, laser processing, medical devices

As featured on By Eduard Dobre, Senior Program Manager When it comes to medical devices, time to market is critical, not only is it a competitive advantage, but it can sooner help patients in need. While the process can be lengthy, from proof of concept all the way to commercialization, laser processing capabilities can…

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Weiss-Aug: Future Stamped in Excellence

Diemasters tooling

As featured in Business Focus Magazine  Family-owned Weiss-Aug is an example of the American dream – Dieter Weissenrieder, the company founder and CEO, emigrated from Germany in 1960 as a tool and die maker to work for his uncle’s tooling business. He quickly became the manager of the company, and when it was later sold to…

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MetalForming Live Part 1 – Precision Metal Stamping

Metal Forming Live Precision Metal Stamping

This past July, our own Stephen DePinho, Engineering Manager, was a panelist during part 1 of MetalForming Live, focusing on precision metal stamping. Follow the link below to learn how metal formers can leverage press-control technology, tooling best practices, state-of-the-art metrology equipment and other techniques to add precision to your operations. Watch MetalForming Live -…

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Quality Control

Automated Inspection

by John Francis, Ph.D. – VP of Automation – Lupine Research. This webinar will present an overview of AI and the application of machine vision to solve industrial quality control problems. It will share details from case studies and successful applications of machine learning, using hardware and software tools offered by Lupine Research. John Francis,…

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New Diemasters Overview Video

We are pleased to debut our new company video! Diemasters has been serving the automotive, aerospace, and interconnect industries since 1948. Through The Diemasters Productivity System (TDPS), we are able to produce products at the highest levels of quality while reducing costs.

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The Weiss-Aug Group’s Newest Division: Lifesciences

As featured in MPO Magazine – 2023 Company Capabilities and Outsourcing Directory Weiss-Aug Group’s newest division, Lifesciences, located in Fairfield, NJ, responsible for the development and manufacture of drug delivery and combination devices, with core competencies in insert molding, laser welding, and clean room assemblies. The Lifesciences division, partnered with RxBandz to manufacture it’s MiniJect™…

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Servo-Press Capabilities: Promote Prompt Prototyping (MetalForming Magazine)

By Brad F. Kuvin, Editorial Director, MetalForming Magazine   Weiss-Aug’s medical-device and pharmaceutical-industry customers look to the firm to develop new methods to help speed their time to market. And, at the same time the firm must stamp parts to machined tolerances. Aiding it in its mission to quicken its pace of prototyping and product…

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What is reel-to-reel molding?

A reel-to-reel method for medical device manufacturing eliminates waste and error for reduced costs. Here’s how.

By Armand Pagano, Sr. Engineer – Advanced Product Development, Weiss-Aug Co.

Reel-to-reel insert molding can prove a more efficient process for design engineers when it comes to lowering assembly costs. The process is best suited for products that require dimensional stability and need to function in harsh environments, such as drug-delivery device parts and components.

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Destiny of Manufacturing EP0519 – Beth Weissenrieder-Bennis – Weiss-Aug

Elisabeth Weissenrieder-Bennis, EVP, Weiss-Aug Group, has led the strategic expansion of her family’s business alongside her father and founder Dieter Weissenrieder for the past 15 + years, adding 3 new divisions and over 350 employees.  A current member of the Precision Metal Forming Board of Advisors and NJIT’s NCE Board of Visitors, she is also…

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