Rx Bandz and Weiss-Aug Announce Strategic Manufacturing Partnership for Rx Bandz MiniJect® Auto-Injector

Partnership Provides Exclusive Precision Manufacturer for FDA Approval and Commercialization of Rx Bandz’ Life-Saving Drug Delivery Platform

“This partnership will provide game-changing resources to drive the company forward as it produces the novel device (for civilians, EMS and military) with a projected FDA approval in early 2025.”— Jessica Walsh, Founder/CEO, Rx Bandz

LOCUST VALLEY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 / EINPresswire.com / -- Rx Bandz, Inc. and the Weiss-Aug Group announced today that they had signed a memorandum of understanding for a multi-year strategic manufacturing partnership. Weiss-Aug will serve as the exclusive manufacturer of the MiniJect® auto-injector. Rx Bandz’ breakthrough auto-injector can deliver multiple lifesaving injectable medications for patents, both civilians and members of the military. This partnership will position Rx Bandz to produce the novel device in preparation of a projected FDA approval in early 2025.

The financial terms of the strategic investment were not disclosed.

“We are honored to be working with Weiss-Aug,” said Jessica Walsh, founder and CEO of Rx Bandz. “This agreement will provide game-changing resources to drive the company forward. We have great respect for Weiss-Aug’s precision engineering prowess and manufacturing quality. We have worked with the Weiss-Aug team over the last five years and find them to be a creative, responsive, and supportive partner. This partnership further de-risks our business and gives us the certainty that we can produce MiniJect, both for purposes of our FDA approval and for commercial launch in 2025.”

Elisabeth Weissenrieder, Executive VP of Weiss-Aug Group, said, “We entered into this partnership because we were impressed with MiniJect’s disruptive and robust technology. Our management teams have worked closely in developing this innovative drug delivery platform. We are proud to partner with Rx Bandz on the MiniJect auto-injector that, once approved and on the market, will provide a much-needed auto-injector for use by patients, emergency first responders and the military.”

Rx Bandz’ first FDA submission will be for the approval of the MiniJect auto-injector to deliver epinephrine for the treatment of anaphylactic shock. In addition, as of December 2023, Rx Bandz has been awarded thirteen military contracts to develop its innovative device to deliver several emergency medications on the battlefield. These therapeutics include ketamine for pain, hydromorphone for pain and tranexamic acid to stop hemorrhage -- the number one preventable death in the military and maternal deaths worldwide. MiniJect’s compact size, proven ruggedness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness are highly valued by the military and are also preferred by civilian patients.

MiniJect can be used to deliver proprietary drugs, including biologics, of other pharmaceutical companies.

Weiss-Aug and Rx Bandz have received numerous industry honors. Rx Bandz was selected for the highly competitive Pediatric Device Consortium Awards from the New England and the Southwest arms of the FDA, and internationally as the most innovative healthcare device at RESI 2019 in Vienna, Austria. In addition, the company was a winner in Ignite Healthcare, which focuses on women-owned business. Weiss-Aug Surgical Products team was recently chosen top manufacturer in Life Sciences at the 11th annual New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program “Made in NJ” Manufacturing Day for its collaboration on the MiniJect auto-injector.

About Rx Bandz

Rx Bandz is a privately held company based in Locust Valley, New York. At its Innovation Center in New Jersey, Rx Bandz is developing the next generation of patient-centric auto-injectors to deliver a wide range of injectable medications for active patients around the world. Designed to treat numerous emergency medical conditions, its MiniJect auto-injector will initially focus on delivering epinephrine to treat anaphylactic shock. The device is the world’s smallest auto-injector that is safer, faster, and easier- to-use than traditional auto-injectors. Rx Bandz is formulating new drugs as well as developing auto-injectors that contain 1 ml to 5 ml of medications with various viscosities and molecular-size. For more information, see the company’s website at www.rxbandz.com.

About Weiss-Aug Group:

Weiss-Aug Group, headquartered in East Hanover, New Jersey, is an award-winning precision manufacturer. Its Surgical Products division produces millions of medical device components and sub-assemblies each year. Weiss-Aug Group is an internationally recognized leader in precision metal stamping, injection molding, value-added assembly solutions and tooling, serving the medical device industry, automotive industry, and industrial sector for over 50 years. Weiss-Aug components can be found in the operating room, electric vehicles, commercial airliners, and even on the Mars Rover.