6 Quality Indicators for Metal Stamping Suppliers

Whether it’s for a medical, aviation or automotive company, or some other industrial client, metal stamping services play a vital role in product development. Companies need highly qualified companies that work with precision to deliver custom parts that will do their jobs well in the field.

Here are some of the biggest indicators of how well a metal stamping company can contribute to a supply chain.

1. Knowledge of Industry Standards

One of the biggest quality indicators for a metal stamping firm is its ability to match key industry standards for a client. Companies that are taking on the process of creating and fabricating custom parts should understand what their client companies need in order to conform to the success standards laid out in their particular fields.

For example, in the aviation industry, the Federal Aviation Administration has some specific guidelines about the caliber and overall build of aircraft parts. It’s not just as simple as churning out aftermarket pieces for cars or other equipment. There’s a bar set high for airplane parts. Parts production companies that pay attention will be knowledgeable and informed about these standards.

Another place where quality standards make a big difference is in the medical world. Particularly where metal parts are used for either machinery and equipment, or actual patient implants, precision and a high level of quality are integral to successful outcomes. So it’s essential that parts makers and metal stamping service providers know what’s needed, and how to deliver it to medical clients.

2. Ancillary Parts Finishing and Treatment Services

Another major indicator of quality is how the metal stamping company delivers ancillary or secondary services. Many of these services are critically important in refining the initial product – where a metal stamping process may be sufficient to establish a precision build, parts may need additional work to increase durability, uniformity, or other important properties for delivery.

Some of these apply to the precision build of parts. Services such as grinding, deburring, and blasting are done specifically to eliminate imperfections and rough edges, and to make parts as smooth and uniform as possible. Other services such as heat treating or powder coating are meant to help parts stand up to pressures and corrosive atmospheres over time.

These value-added services are part of what distinguish the best metal stamping firms from others that may produce inferior parts. 

3. Certifications for Metal Stamping Services

It’s also a major sign of quality when a company is certified with the appropriate industrial trade associations. Companies may be ISO 9001:2008 certified, or have certification for specific industry standards, such as ISO 13485 for the medical device and TS 16949 for the automotive industry.  All of these certifications help prove a standard of quality for companies that will be contributing to the product and service models of their clients.

4. Good Production Metrics

 Here’s another way that superior metal stamping companies distinguish their services. Best in class stamping companies will have a very low external PPM (Parts Per Million). The external PPM metric is the number of defects found by the customer per million parts shipped. The best metal stamping companies will have less than a 5 PPM. In addition to PPM, OTD (On Time Delivery), is another way to gauge the performance of a metal stamping supplier. Best in class stamping companies should have a 98% or better rating.

5. Transparency on Capability

Here’s another one that experienced buyers will talk about when they discuss quality indicators for vendors.

Vendor companies need to be up-front and detailed about what they can and can’t do. This makes their services much more beneficial to clients, because these clients can make much more informed and accurate judgments about who to hire for a range of production services. If a company broadly and transparency promotes its abilities in CNC machining, precision part processes, or things like heat treating and annealing, the client then knows exactly what the vendor is capable of, and can plan accordingly. If the client only encounters vague descriptions of the company’s metal working capabilities, big question marks emerge, and there is a whole gray area in terms of what the company can handle.

That makes transparency a plus in service agreements around parts production.  

6. Demonstrating Experience

The best metal stamping companies will also be able to demonstrate how they have served customers in the past, to give current customers peace of mind about their results. A metal stamping company’s track record is a key asset to that company – it helps to show real results, to effectively prove that the company excels in metal stamping, machining and associated services.

Procurement people can look for case studies, testimonials or other references on websites, or they can call vendors directly and ask the tough questions before a service agreement is put in place.

This kind of due diligence really helps companies to ensure that they have good business partnerships in place. Again, the quality of the parts can be the difference between an enormous success or a colossal failure. Parts quality doesn’t just make a small difference — it can entirely determine outcomes. Smart company leaders understand that supply chain quality is the foundation for establishing success in sales and service models. They seek out the best custom manufacturers in order to benefit from parts supplies that are made to a certain high standard.

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